Março...Abril 2014

Dear friends and brothers in Christ, may the peace of our Lord be with you. The rebuilding of the school is almost finished, we had the support of some parents who volunteered to help and some others we had to pay. This construction was very important for us, because we could make some contact with the people of that area, please pray that we will be able to testify God´s love in that place. Also continue to pray that God can provide finances to finish the painting and furnitures,
We are very happy to have an african couple coming to Sunday service, please pray that they will be able to grow stronger in Christ.

During Easter service we were able to share more about Jesus, watching the Jesus movie in Pulaar and eating lunch together with some friends.
Our prayer group continues to provide special milk for premature baby - Lucie - she is healthy and gaining weight.
We have also started 2 agricultural projects, with 1 couple planting in the church´s compound and 5 young moms in our house... as we work together, we seek opportunities to share God´s love and pray for good crops, so they can raise good money to support their families.

Good byes - We felt blessed to have our niece Camilla helping for 3 months with kids and women´s ministry... we had lovely family time.
Also for 3 weeks spent with Stephan a short term missionary, who helped with the rebuilding of the school and kids ministry. 
Matthew and Rebecca Paik also left after serving the people of Benoba for 7 month in social projects.
Welcome -  Sujin and Misun arrived to work for 1 year serving Christ in educational and health projects.

Continue to pray for us as a family.
In Christ Lucie, Paulo and Miguel

Jan 2016